Paul Curreri – Spirit of the Staircase is out!

An early Christmas treat: Paul Curreri’s new album, Spirit of the Staircase is available from! (Listen to clips here.)

From the album info page: “In what may be Curreri’s most eloquent musical statement to date, the level of pure sonic invention permeating The Spirit Of The Staircase echoes the level of craft, insight and risk for which the young musician, at the relative beginning of a career, has already been credited. ‘It’s a rare find to catch a young guy who can play this well, have his own voice as a singer, and write songs that are as interesting as anything out there,’ says Vintage Guitar magazine.”

More: “Curreri titled his third album The Spirit Of The Staircase after a French expression l’esprit d’escalier, which means: Things you think to say after it’s too late and you’re on your way out the door. ‘Ridiculous, but that’s how I’d been feeling,’ says Curreri, ‘like I was on my way to burning out, that I’d wasted all of my youthful juice booking rental cars instead of watching the mountain change colors outside my window, not to mention actually walking toward the mountain.’”

Can’t wait to see Paul Tuesday night.

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