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<img src=”” align=“right”>One of my favorite gifts was an inexpensive laptop accessory from Kensington, the laptop desktop. It works with either PCs or Macs, and is a different take on the docking station concept. It’s a sleeve for your laptop — you slide it in with the laptop screen up; it hides your keyboard and lets your laptop screen stay visible at eye level.

This is a nice change, as it puts the screen about 8” to 12” higher than it would be otherwise, which means I get to sit back in my chair and look ahead rather than down at the laptop. It’s also a USB hub, with four USB ports on the back — so I can keep the full-sized keyboard, printer, mouse, and Bluetooth adapter plugged in all the time, and anytime the laptop is in the dock, the devices are connected to the laptop.

It also has a sheet holder on the front, so if you’re typing from a document, or just want a page visible while talking on the phone, it holds it in place.

All in all, it’s a great answer for a lot less than other port replicators/docking stations cost. It’s also let me completely change how I use my desk, which has opened up a lot more writing space. All in all, a great addition to the office desk.

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  1. Ah, the wonders of synchronicity as one surfs blogs ! Rick you just saved me and my gal about $300 bucks … she doesn't like the feel of her laptop keyboard (the laptop being a hand-me-dwon from me to her) so we've been in the proicess of getting a wireless keyboard, and then she was just about to buy a 15-inch or 17-inch flat LCD monitor.Not now … we'll buy one of these and a keyboard. Thanks.

  2. I just purchased one of these on an impulse at Staples over the weekend. If I had looked around more I could have found it for $20 cheaper but I was really looking to getting down to work quickly. I just got a new laptop and of course the old monitor stand and docking station doesn't work. Badda bing, badda boom those are now on there way to e-bay and this great concept is now available for my new laptop (the fact that it matches my new Dell Latitude is probably more than coincidental don't you think?) I am just thrilled at this, it is elegant Apple-like in its form and design. Simply the best gadget I've purchased in a long time (check out to get yours).

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