Geocaching hits the mainstream

A high-tech gadget that appeals to the inner nerd, it also prompts the user to get off the couch and into the great outdoors. A GPS gadget can be a catalyst for family outings, but also a hip present for teens who want no part of parents and siblings. It’s even, potentially, educational.

Our first couple caches were a ton of fun, and I can confirm that my kids (nearly 3 and 5) had a blast. It’s part adventure, part treasure hunt, and part family time. Can’t beat that. My Garmin GPSMap 60CS remains a favorite; feature-rich, it has a nice form factor and with what I hope are a few Christmas presents (auto kit and the topo maps), it’s a killer device.

Kids are getting snowshoes in a few days. Wonder whether winter Geocaching is viable…?

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