Contribute to help the Tsunami Disaster Relief

There are just no words to describe the enormity of the disaster that continues to unfold in Asia. With the death toll likely topping 100,000 before week’s end, and the Red Cross predicting that disease and famine could double that number before long, this is a crisis the likes of which I’ve never seen. So many families, villages and countries are affected that it’s really hard to grasp how far-reaching the impact will be felt.

As one planet, we demonstrated how we were able to unite against the terror attacks in 2001. Contributions came in from all over the globe, and Americans donated tens of millions of dollars in just a few weeks. The scale of this disaster — in human terms, not to mention financial terms — is far greater, and the affected areas are so much less equipped to respond. Your contribution can make a difference. Amazon’s coordinating contributions to the American Red Cross; 100% of the contributions go to the American Red Cross. Consider giving whatever you can here:

Amazon Honor System

Thank you.

I’ll check in periodically; as of this writing, Amazon has collected $2.1 million from 37,474 donors. For comparison, three days after 9/11, Amazon raised $4.3m. Let’s do what we can.

Update, 3pm CDT: $2.4m, 42,722 donors.
Update, 4pm CDT: $2.6m, 45,804 donors.
Update, 5pm CDT: $2.7m, 47,597 donors.
Update, 10pm CDT: $3.4m, 58,255 donors.

Wow. That’s $1m in just 7 hours.

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