A Perfect Candidate

Wow. I had heard good things about the documentary A Perfect Candidate, but had never seen it. It was on the Sundance Channel a few days ago, and thanks to TiVo, I got to catch it tonight. For the many people who stop by this blog from time to time and are at all interested in politics, you absolutely need to watch this film.

I’ll be posting more shortly as the film sinks in. But the level of access that the filmmakers had to North and his campaign staff is shocking — and offers quite a glimpse behind the scenes into a high-profile (and very, very nasty) Senate race. Most intriguing, the race offers a glimpse of the themes that I think came to define the 2004 election: morals, religion, press bias, and attack ads and innuendo…

I’m just amazed that I was actually living in Virginia at the time. But I was in law school, barely aware of the sun rising let alone the Senate race. Boy did I miss out.

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