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Haven’t seen any official word from Eric, but as near as I can tell, the gang at JoinCross won Eric Zorn’s blog competition to predict the election results. (Note: I’m assuming both Iowa and New Mexico go to President Bush, which seems likely at this point.) Three of us — Join Cross, me, Random Act of Kindness — had Barack winning by 44 points (the final margin was 43), and one — Too Many Chefs — had Barack winning by 42. In all four cases, we were each just one point off (by Eric’s scoring); of those four, Join Cross and RAOK each had Bush winning the EV — Join Cross had Bush at a 14 vote margin, RAOK had Bush by 13. As a result, Join Cross guys walk away with it.

Small consolation prize for me? I accurately predicted within one the final Electoral College numbers. Just had the wrong winner.

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  1. I know nothing about what Barack Obama did in his election to win in a gigantic land slide. I know nothing about Alan Keyes except some minor stuff that doesn't matter and some rumors I heard that make him look like an @$$ if true.Bush won Iowa and New Mexico, official today. Barack Obama, official, won in a land slide.The fundamental problem with the Democratic Party is that they do not know how to communicate with those that do not agree with them. Democrats treat 'Morality' and 'Values' in terms of 1-issue items. “I believe in morality.. I believe in Abortion because it is Morally Right to let Women choose.”That doesn't mean anything to anyone. People want to see a history of moral conduct in a politician. People want to see a politician going to Church and doing good things OUTSIDE of a campaign season. 2nd: The Democratic Party is still despised and feared by the Military. You guys need to reach out to the military. It will take years to gain their respect. You need to reach out to military members and respect them and show some love for 'what they do.'Too many Democrats say, 'I support the troops.' Maybe they do! Maybe… But they politicize what the soldiers do. They see war as a bloody horrible thing and while they 'support the troops' at the same time they say, 'Troops are killing innocent people in Iraq.'The Military needs to know that you support what they do.

  2. You can't win elections anymore without the support of the Military.Clinton won twice without the backing of the Military but those days are over. A new generation has taken over in America's heartland.It has gotten so bad that when a Democrat goes over to the military to show some support, 70% of the troops think the move is phony! In the eyes of many in the military they see your guys as phony when you legitamitely show some support.The reason for all of this is fundamentally because you politicize foreign policy and basically turn foreign policy into yet another 1-issue item. You can't 1-issue itemize the military and expect to receive respect from them.

  3. 1 last thing.Prior to this election I was 300% heated and livid and absolutely incensed towards the Left and wrote in a forum, “I hate liberals.” Truth is.. That is absurd. I don't hate liberals, I just hate the way you guys treat us conservatives.We can fundamentally disagree with each other and fight for our own respective positions and sling mud at each other… Without having to polarize the nation with Michael Moore-esque Documentaries that Usama Bin Laden used in his videotape.I don't want a 1 party system. I don not want the Democrats to disappear. I do not want you guys to fade off the table into irrelevancy. There are conservatives out there who do want to see that, I don't.I strongly believe you guys need to focus on being an open arms, Unifying Political Party that will bring groups together rather than pitting 1 group against another. Voters do not want to be 'used' nor do they want to be 'threatened.' The Gay Community does not want to be 'USED' in pursuit of demolishing the Evangelicals. Nor do the Evangelicals want to be USED to specifically demolish the Gay Community.The Democratic Rhetoric has to change and the style has to change and you must not treat those you disagree with as your enemy. You can win hearts and minds of Americans when you treat those you disagree with with some respect.

  4. Small consolation prize for me? I accurately predicted within one the final Electoral College numbers. Just had the wrong winner.Oops!www.alnyethelawyerguy.typepad.com

  5. I was talking a lot about Keyes. Alan Keyes fit my long winded speech just fine. Stray off topic? Hope your not accusing me of that.Truth is… I couldn't care less that Alan Keyes lossed and Barack Obama becomes 1 in 44/45 total Democrats in the Senate. Why? Because I don't know who the heck Alan Keyes is and he was just thrusted into an election at its tail end because the previous guy got found out about a divorce scandal years ago.There is a REALLY good reason why I don't know who the heck Alan Keyes is and there is a REALLY good reason why Rick Klau doesn't know who the heck I am.

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