Richard Irvin – Candidate for Aurora Mayor

Had drinks tonight with Richard Irvin, a candidate for mayor of Aurora. Richard’s got quite the resume — soldier in the first Gulf War, former prosecutor, teacher, community leader, husband, father… oh yeah, he’s a Republican too. And African-American.

We didn’t talk much on specifics regarding his politics, other than for me to ask how, in a city that is 60% minorities, how he expects to fare as a minority who also happens to be a Republican. (Right or wrong, high minority populations tend to vote heavily Democratic.)

I was impressed with Richard: smart, charismatic, and most of all, genuine. I look forward to other meetings with Richard, where I can learn more about his political positions. (You can read about his stance on issues here I’ll simply note that for a Republican, he’s got an awfully strong faith in government. That’s encouraging for me, to be honest, but I wonder how it plays with the Republican faithful.)

One thing we emphatically agreed on: we need more local individuals passionately engaged in the political process. While we kidded Katie, our waitress, who decried politics as “ugly” and not for “social events”, I’m a firm believer that if government is to ever succeed, it will be if (and only if) people learn to believe in the possibilities that can be accomplished when neighbors work together. If we just buy into the “they’re worse than we are” crap that pollutes so much of the current debate, we’re all the worse for it.

Richard seems like good people. I admire anyone looking to improve their communities; Richard grew up in low-income housing in East Aurora, and is now a community leader and fighting to become mayor of the second-largest city in Illinois at 33 years old. More power to him; check out his site and consider getting involved.

Other candidates who’ve declared for mayor of Aurora include Tom Weisner (party affiliation not clear), Bill Wyatt (a Republican), and Angel Hernandez (couldn’t find a website; not clear on party affiliation).

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  1. Bill Clinton's Real Legacy – And Moving Beyond ItIt's sad that what we're really remembering Bill Clinton for now – and maybe forever – has nothing to do with what's good in politics. No wonder Katie and so many people think politics is “ugly”, dirty and not fit…

  2. Dick Hawks has lost tremendous credibility among Republicans by supporting Weiner. The “GOP aldermen” you refer to do not exist. They are on GOP in name, not reality.Richard Irvin has Republican and Democrats supporting him because they think he is best for everyone's future, not because he is the best candidate for greedy cronies and contractors.Jon Zahm apparently has no ethics to work for more than one candidate in the same race. That would be like an attorney representing a client, turning around and representing the other party. Cunningham has some desperate people around him.

  3. Weiner likes to take credit for things he didn't think of or didn't do. Why didn't Weiner tell the truth about the so-called volunteers? Ain't it convenient he got a huge campaign contribution from the union that came to “volunteer” at taxpayer expense? I'm sure it's just a remarkable coincidence, but maybe the boys looking into Jim Meisch will look into that, too.

  4. I can only hope that the Feds look into Weiner. With an 18 year lackluster career it might explain some of the contracts and projects he has worked on. Many of them reek of scandle. If they investigated I think they could shed some light on things. At least if Weiner is found to be a criminal we will know that he is not just an incompetent boob but a real machine politician wannabe.

  5. Capt. Anon, Jon Zahm is a punk and you know it!The fact that he has a few connections and has used his 'used car salesman' approach to get involved with some legitimate candidates like Richard and for that matter Cunningham is nothing more than opportunism.Like Roger said Zahm has no ethics. If I were Cunningham I would stay far away from him. However, since Jack is Jack he will not heed anyone's advice. In this case that is a good thing for all the other candidates because Zahm is nothing but a liability. I give Richard credit he found out early that J.Z. was nothing but a punk and quickly dropped him from his staff. If Jack was smart he would do the same but my guess is he won't.

  6. Hey T.R.,How about you identify yourself?Despite your attempts at libel, you will see how effective or ineffective I am soon. Be VERY careful about comments you make about my past professional relationship with Richard. If you keep poking at that hornet's nest it will not bode well for your ultimate goal in getting Richard past Feb. 22 and to the April election.Jon Zahm

  7. Despite your attempts at libel, you will see how effective or ineffective I am soon. Be VERY careful about comments you make about my past professional relationship with Richard.Meow…Yeah, he is reaching for his lawyer card…look out!!!Hiss, hiss…Patriotman

  8. J.Z.I only give documented facts and my personal opinion.Last I was aware you didn't have a law degree so I can only assume you must have a dictionary to look up the definition of libel. I would suggest you not mess with the BULL(MOOSE) or you might get the horns as they say.Good luck on the CunningShame campaign! You will need more than luck to steal, I mean buy, I mean win this election. Did I mention you have to have a good candidate as well.

  9. Zahm, do us a favor. Explain how you ethically work for two different candidates in the same race without permission from the first.Also, Weisner is your enemy, not Richard Irvin. From what I hear, Weisner hates Jon Zahm with a passion.

  10. There was a serious blow to Weiner thanks to the Beacon-News having the courage to report reality. They named the water crisis and Weiner's disappearance the #1 local story of 2004.Weiner was probably hoping he could continue to evade explaining the water crisis. He's not going to get away with it. The water crisis anniversary happens to be in February…same as the election. Bye-bye Weiner.

  11. It's becoming more clear Richard Irvin is the front-runner and everyone else is scambling for 2nd place. Cunningham needs to strike back at Weiner's cheap tricks.Has anyone noticed Irvin's signs keep getting stolen and instantly replaced by Weiner's signs? Why doesn't it surprise me Weiner would steal Richard's signs?

  12. Well if Weisner views someone as an enemy, from where I sit, it is only a positive.Patriotman”anybody but Weisner in 2005″

  13. Patriotman,While I agree with you that Tommy Boy is no good.I think you have to go further.You know Richard is the only candidate who has the balls to create real positive change in Aurora. Wyatt while a nice guy is nothing more. Cunningshame while seemingly agressive and take charge, has very little to offer as far a real solutions. We all agree about Weiner, and Angel is a non-candidate. SO, you can say it… Richard is the only choice! Now did that hurt so bad?

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