More on Voter Turnout

Just got a call from OneMan who reports that turnout in Aurora is on its way to a record. As he arrived at one polling place in the Will County part of Aurora, he guessed the line was 70 people deep and the parking lot was full.

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  1. Conventional wisdom says that high turnout will favor Democrats. I tend to think that'll be even more true in this election, as the big x factor going into today has been whether the turnout will equal the high registration numbers. Here's hoping…

  2. Hey Rick — Just got back from the polls where I witnessed a turn out the likes of which I never thought I'd see. Traffic was backed up about 1 mile in either direction of our polling place (the HS). The parking lots were all full. It's a cold, drizzly NH night yet there were, no joke, about 500 people standing in line to register. They wended out of the building and into the parking lot. Not a complaint was heard. Many were very young, clearly voting in their first election.At the tables inside, the lines were shorter, but nearly every booth was full. I've lived here 14 years and have never seen it like this. My registrar told me it was like this on & off all day. On NHPR ( they did a story about Derry, the next town over. By 10 am, 25% of the registered voters had turned out. The town clerk was concerned she could run out of ballots. In Hudson, the town clerk thought they could get 90-100% turn out. Unbelievable.I should also add that the MoveOn folks were there assessing their impact. And I got calls today from Bill Clinton (2, actually, they must have a problem with the last names, guess they need a better database, huh?), Al Gore, Jeanne Shaheen, MoveOn (twice), People Coming Together (or something like that), the local Dems, the local GOP, the firefighters (who knew?) and at least 2-3 others who did not leave messages (thank you!). The local GOP sent some Bushies to my door. I was nice to them. It was hard. What a day in America.

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