Letters from Captain Kevin Kuwik

I’m not a Notre Dame alum (Lafayette College is my alma mater), but one of the amazing things about N.D. is that they tend to accept all family members as part of the “family”. My younger brother is a 1996 graduate of N.D., and I am lucky to consider a number of his classmates friends of mine as well.

One of those men is Kevin Kuwik, who until a few weeks ago was an assistant basketball coach at Ohio U. Kevin was a ROTC student, and served two years of active duty, then was accepted to a national guard stint following an early release. He has had quite a career in coaching, and is destined for great things on the court. (My favorite story from their time at N.D. together? Kevin and my bro coaching girls’ flag football; Kuwik, then a junior coach for the men’s basketball team, had friends videotape other girls football games, so they could then review the videotape at the JCC after hours.)

Anyway, Kevin was set to be an assistant coach this season, until he got a rather surprising letter in the mail. Read the story at ESPN.com for all the details.

Today, Kevin is at Fort Sill in Oklahoma, reporting for an 18-month tour of duty, destination unknown. He’ll likely miss the next two seasons while back on active duty in the Army. (Kevin’s part of the same call-up in which more than 800 soldiers have failed to report for duty.)

He’s keeping a journal of his experiences at Ohio’s website; it’s worth a visit.

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