Dave Tamkin in Naperville on Friday

Robin and I are going to see Dave Tamkin perform at Frankies Blue Room Friday night. I haven’t heard Dave’s music before, but after reading about him on his website and listening to a few songs at Fresh Tracks, there’s no doubt I’ll enjoy the performance.

Why am I so sure? The guy lists Toad the Wet Sprocket as an influence (one of my favorite bands of all time — both for their music as well as the Monty Python reference) but also because he lists Fear as a “desert island disc”.

Should be a great show.

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  1. Hey Rick, My agent was going through some yahoo entries and found yours. I don't know if you showed up at Frankies or not, but if you did and liked the stuff, i'd be happy to send ya some free music. let me know what you thought, bad or good, i can take it. hope this finds ya well, …let me know your thoughts on Glen Phillips acoustic,thanksdave

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