Dan Conley on life in the minority

I’ve been a fan of Dan Conley’s postings at his blog’s many lives (first, a Dean supporter, then a Dean basher, then a long period of radio silence, now he’s back). As for the prospects of Dean running the DNC? Dan’s not entirely opposed, but then notes, drily, “Life in the minority’s a bitch.”


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  1. I don't buy the way the left vs center debate is framed. Left is positioned as the way of integrity, and center as the way of compromise.I think that the Bush administration's irresponsible budget risks turning the US into Argentina. That is a moderate position held with conviction, not a compromise. I thought that the Democratic congressional delegation's passive acquiescense to the Iraq war was wimpy. That's not a pacifist position — I thought the war in Afghanistan was right, and the war in Iraq was wrong.Dean picked up a lot of left-wing followers, but his record as a governor wasn't all that far left. Choosing plain-spoken integrity is good, and that's not synonymous with the most liberal positions.

  2. Now ya'll know what we Republicans felt like for 40 years when we were the minority party.We are now the majority party but only since 1994.I am at a loss how one can call themselves NOT a pacifist and yet against the war in Iraq.The War in Afghanistan = Remove evil regime, replace with Democracy, Has your support.The War in Iraq = Remove evil regime, replace with Democracy, does not have your support.Confused? You bet I am.

  3. Gary's Got It – And So Does Dan!I can't agree more with Dan Conley about Gary Hart's New York Times Op-Ed Monday. I'm also not a big fan of Hart – but this piece is extremely well written and thought out. If you care about religion and…

  4. The Taliban in Afghanistan aided, abetted, and harbored Osama bin Laden and Al Queda prior to the 9/11 attack thus justifying our attack on them. According to George Bush and the 9/11 commission , there is no evidence to suggest a link between Saddam Hussein and the 9/11 attacks, thus there was NO justification for our attacking Iraq other than he was a bad guy and we don't like bad guys. That's NOT a good enough reason to have gotten ourselves into the mess we are in. IT IS NOT WORTH THE LIVES WE HAVE LOST AND THE MONEY THAT HAS BEEN SPENT AND THE LIVES THAT WILL BE LOST AND THE MONEY THAT WILL BE SPENT TO JUST GET RID ON SOMEBODY WE DON'T LIKE. There are a dozen more out there as bad as Saddam ever was, is it our job to take them out too? Is it worth what it wll cost our country in lives, limbs, blood and money? NO!!!Our soldiers are dying in Iraq not because it was necessary to protect us, but because Bush/Cheney and company saw dollar signs for their oil buddies and thought it would be a quick and easy. Like Barack Obama said, being against a stupid war doesn't mean you're against all wars. This war was unnecessary and stupid and we are paying far too high a price for it.

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