Caption contest

OK, been a while since we did one of these. Please take a look at the following picture of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and leave your best caption in the comments:

(I just know you can do better than the following “official” caption: US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld looks around the room full of North and South American military leaders during the Defense Minesterial of the Americas in Quito, Ecuador.)
(source: AFP/Paul J. Richards via Wonkette)

18 responses to “Caption contest”

  1. “What the hell is General Gallena doing here? I thought I had him killed the first time I was Secretary of Defense.”

  2. Rumsfeld looks askance as a Columbian Paramilitary Right Wing Militia Leader asks Rummy advice on whether they should treat leftist Prisoners of War with dignity by at least not sodomizing them with blow-torches.Rummy, here in this photo, in a state of shock before he blurts out with a thick German accent “You wimp! You must use overwhelming force when conquering the enemy !”

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