President Bush on Pell Grants

Tonight: “1 million more students have received Pell Grants.”

Oops: “Financial aid is primarily based on family income, which, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, has fallen in recent years. In other words, because people have struggled in the labor market they have become eligible for financial aid. At the same time, college tuition has gone up 28 percent over the last three years, putting working families even more in a squeeze between lower income and higher tuition.” (source: Center for American Progress.)

(Kudos to Kerry for calling President Bush on this point.)

One response to “President Bush on Pell Grants”

  1. I turned on the radio just as this question came up. I was so struck by the pride of accomplishment in the president's voice as he answered. To me, the parent of a child who has benefitted from a Pell grant, this just goes to show how completely out of touch he is. While I am extremely proud of my daughter, doesn't he know we would have rather paid our own way? His arrogance makes it so easy to vote Democrat. Thanks for pointing this out, Rick.

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