One year ago today

One year ago today:

“Being here makes you feel like it can happen. We can shock the world.”

In an odd twist of fate, I’m traveling this week and needed to borrow an office that had Internet access today. So I swung by the downtown-DC office of Echo Ditto, the consulting firm started by Nicco Mele, Jim Brayton and Harish Rao, three of the tech wizards I met this time last year in Burlington, Vermont.

Election day is 2 weeks away. What are you doing to make sure your desired outcome happens?

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  1. Well, I'm walking the blocks, registering voters, phone banking it, voted myself yesterday and continuing to educate those who are misinformed.I'm also now part of the RNC 72-Hour Legal Task Force and will be heading to Philadelphia next week to monitor the election. A prayer or two doesn't hurt either.Vote Bush.

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