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MSNBC has a terrific election site that gives you an interactive electoral college predictor, streaming video from the various NBC news properties, and updated commentary from the on-air personalities. I think HardBlogger, and in particular Keith Olbermann, has been pretty good the past couple weeks.

For the record, here’s my Electoral College prediction, pretty map courtesy of the MSNBC flash widget that lets you pick who wins what:


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  1. Come on Jason. To suggest it's one-sided and we'll just walk away with the election is pathetic. This is going on by both parties, a truly sorry state of affairs.And Bush/Cheney has taken the rally to new heights: now you have to write an essay indicating your support of the president, and promise to vote for him in order to get access to his events.I'm not excusing/justifying/endorsing the allegations of interference with the process you link to above. But let's be fair: this is a bi-partisan disaster. And for Republicans to complain about a practice they're equally culpable in is disingenuous (to say the least). I'd be much more likely to listen to your complaints if you would at least acknowledge as much.

  2. Rick, Rick, Rick…. please tell me you didn't just support your argument by citing Daily “Screw Them” Kos. I'm highly disapointed.For what it's worth, that article Kos refers to has this little tidbit within it:“The I-Team has obtained information about an alleged widespread pattern of potential registration fraud aimed at democrats. Thee focus of the story is a private registration company called Voters Outreach of America, AKA America Votes.”Hmmmm – America Votes…..where have I heard that before…..oh yeah:The following organizations are the partners of America Votes – representing over 20 million Americans across the country. Click on the links below to learn about their work on issues and politics. ACORNAFL-CIOAFSCMEAmerica Coming Together (ACT)American Federation of TeachersAssociation of Trial Lawyers of AmericaBrady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence United With the Million Mom MarchClean Water ActionDefenders of Wildlife Action FundDemocracy for AmericaEMILY's ListEnvironment2004The Human Rights CampaignLeague of Conservation VotersThe Media Voter FundMoving America ForwardMusic for AmericaNAACP National Voter FundNARAL Pro-Choice AmericaNational Education AssociationNational Jewish Democratic CouncilNational Treasury Employees UnionPartnership for America's FamiliesPeople for the American WayPlanned Parenthood Action FundSEIUSierra ClubUSActionVoices for Working FamiliesYoung Voter Alliance21st Century DemocratsThere's got to be a Republican group in there somewhere – there just has to be. Can you find it for me?

  3. why do republicans always tell lies. what do i mean by they they all talk and no do they are out fro the rich and if mccain gets into offoce it is more the same nothing for vets, schools, health care, lawenforcement, etc.

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