First geocache

My Garmin GPSMap 60CS showed up yesterday, and I took it out for a spin today with the kids. There’s a small lake across the street from our house, and it turns out that there’s a cache less than a mile away.

For those not familiar with the hobby (sport?) of geocaching, it’s quite simple: people hide containers, log the coordinates (using their GPS device) and then report the hide (aka “cache”) to Using your GPS, you can then hunt the containers down, and keep tabs on what you’ve found.

It’s a great excuse to get out and walk around, or to explore a new area.

The Garmin 60CS, by the way is terrific. It’ll be even more useful as I add maps (the automotive kit looks particularly useful, as it includes a dash mount and the maps/info for all of the United States); right now it includes a “base map” of the major roads (i.e., highways) nearby, but not street-level detail that will make this a navigation aid on car trips as well as a fun geocaching device.

I can see why many consider geocaching addictive, and think it’ll be a great family experience over the years.

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  1. Rick,Geocaching is addictive. My friend Brian in VT and I did it awhile back. Your unit is much better then the one we used a few years back. Ours was only accurate within 10ft (really 10ft-ish). Lots of fun in the Green Mountains. You would be suprised what you find peole “Caching”.See you Tuesday if not sooner.Rob

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