Upgraded to Movable Type 3.1

Things are going to be funky for a while. My upgrade went relatively smoothly, but the main reason I upgraded was to get the dynamic publishing abilities. Well, my file naming convention is using a Movable Type plugin, which it turns out may not be compatible with the way MT publishes dynamically.

So… I’ve got some thinking to do about how to take advantage of the new stuff. And for some reason the MT Amazon plugin isn’t working, so I’ve got to hunt that down to get it working again.

Stay tuned. But chances are things will be a tad out of whack for a few days…

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  1. What sort of plugin for filenames, doing what? Filenames ought to be the least of your troubles, since for dynamic archives they don't really exist, other than as entries in the mt_fileinfo table. Is it something that can't be fit into MT's horribly misnamed “Archive File Template”?

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