Surviving Frances

Buzz Bruggeman: “Next time you are in a convertible get it up to 80 and stick your head above the windshield and you will get a little hint of what’s going on outside.” Glad you’re OK, buddy.

Talked with my grandparents on Friday before Frances made land-fall, they sounded spooked. They were getting ready to evacuate their community, though apparently a couple hours later the nixed that idea because “there was nowhere to go.”

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  1. My mom & step-dad are in Stuart about a mile from where the storm came ashore. Spooked is a good word. They kept telling us how eery it was to be in a dark, boarded up house listening to somethng akin to the tornado scene in the Wizard of Oz. Luckily, other than having their yard re-landscaped and a few roof shingles go flying, they are safe and sound. However, they still have no phone, electric or water, and they've about had it.

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