RNC: Vote for us or give up your bibles

Good Lord. (rimshot) The RNC has now admitted that they sent mailings in West Virginia claiming that Democrats want to ban the Bible.

3 responses to “RNC: Vote for us or give up your bibles”

  1. That's why there's a need for folks like us to bring this craziness out. While I do believe the Left wants to remove all references to anything Christian, I do think the 'banned bible' is a bit over the top and disingenuous.But how does it compare to the Democrats telling the world, and emailing the college students about the upcoming “secret military draft” that Bush is trying to push through for his second term, when the draft legislation that has been introduced is 100% sponsored by Democrats (in both the House and Senate)?It's all fearmongering. The sad thing is people buy into this crap.

  2. Tell that to the National Guard and Reserve guys that ETS ed. Now they find that the pentagon has some shirt tail reason to return them to active combat after serving there and gotten out.I talk to all parents with young sons (mine is 16)to think about it long a hard before voting for Our Commander in Chief. His large mandate of say-750,000 popular votes will get us into another war. Take you pick.

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