Commentary on the debate

So traffic to this blog was up over 50% compared to the daily average. Puzzled, I checked my referral logs.

You know what’s sent hundreds of people here today? I’m #8 for debate drinking game at Google.

That pretty much sums up the election at this point: People will watch the debate between John Kerry and George Bush so long as they can follow strict instructions about how to get hammered in the process.

3 responses to “Commentary on the debate”

  1. I tried drinking everytime Kerry made something up out of thin air, contradicted himself or referred to Vietnam.Will you now post some good remedies for major hangovers?;)

  2. Post-Debate Wrap-Up… We Called It!George W. Bush mopped the floor with John Kerry. Kerry did try to make it difficult for Bush to respond by simply not answering the questions asked. Bush showed he's a straight-talking, no-nonsense leader who has core convictions and sticks to them, …

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