Another update on Robby

Things will be quiet here at tins until tomorrow night or possibly Wednesday; Robby (my two year-old son) is getting both eyes operated on tomorrow morning. As I recounted a few months ago, Robby’s eyes started crossing earlier this year. He’s been wearing bi-focals since the original diagnosis, but the degree to which the eyes have crossed has increased pretty dramatically.

So we’re on to the next step in this process. Tomorrow morning, he’ll have surgery that will hopefully correct the misalignment of the eyes. This procedure should correct everything, and though he may lose some depth perception as a result of the surgery, it will avoid the development of amblyopia (aka “lazy eye”) would could lead to losing all vision in one eye. (There’s a small possibility that he’ll have to have a follow-up operation to address any lingering misalignment; we won’t know that for a few weeks.)

The procedure is fairly straightforward; it will last about an hour, and he will be home later tomorrow. Recovery should take about two weeks, but he will be able to see as soon as he comes out of the anesthesia, and is on only minor limitations as far as activity goes.

Thanks to all who have sent in kind words. I’ll touch base once things settle down and report on how things went.

Update: (Tuesday, 2:30pm) We’re back from the hospital, and Robby’s napping. The doctor was very happy with how the surgery went, and though he’s swollen and there will be a few weeks of recovery, he appears to be doing great. Thanks again for all the good thoughts, they really mean a lot.