More on the alleged spy

War and Piece, Laura Rozen’s blog, has the complete update. Turns out that she, Josh Marshall and Paul Glastris have been on this story for quite some time, and have details not previously disclosed on the matter. Read Laura’s update, and keep an eye on the site. As she says towards the end, there’s clearly more than is out right now, and we’ll likely be hearing a lot more.

One thing appears certain: the original leak of damaging info on Chalabi, now this. If this is politically motivated, someone inside the Bush Administration is playing hardball to get rid of Perle, Feith and Wolfowitz.

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  1. This spy story puts me in mind of apiece titled “Look Who's Feuding,” by Danny Postel in the July AmericanProspect (  It notes somefriction between neoconservatives (like, say, the aforementioned Perle, Feith andWolfowitz?) and other factions of the GOP, stemming in large part fromthe Iraq adventure and its ill effects.  Here are his closingparagraphs:Of course,it's still possible that theextraction process [i.e., the expulsion of the neocons from the GOPtemple] might not occur. For one thing, Republicans havebeen nothing if not disciplined; surely they will apply whatever Scotchtape and glue they need to in order to keep these rifts from becomingtoo public before November. For another, Iraq could yet “work out,” atleast in the sense that the situation will settle down a bit andelections will be held as scheduled.But whatever the future brings,something dramatic has already happened — and continues to happenevery day behind closed doors in conservatism's rarefied redoubts,where the quiet whir of confident manifestoes being typed out oncomputers has been replaced by the more insistent buzz of knives beingsharpened. Irving Kristol famously defined a neoconservative as “aliberal who has been mugged by reality.” Many Republicans — reachingthe point of critical mass — are now coming to define themselves asconservatives who have been mugged by neoconservatives. If Bush losesthe election over Iraq, their ranks will only grow more critical andmore massive. But even if he wins, listen closely for the sounds ofsilence..

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