Jabra bluetooth headset on its way

One of the reasons I bought my Motorola V600 (note: now $49.99 with rebates!) a few months ago was its Bluetooth capabilities. In particular, I planned to get a Bluetooth headset so that I’d have a wireless earpiece for the phone; friends had raved about them and I figured it would be a nice addition. (If I decide to switch back to Outlook for e-mail, I’ll also use the Bluetooth sync with my PC to get my contacts and calendar on the phone.)

I just ordered the Jabra BT250 earpiece, which should be here in a couple days. An upgrade from the 200 model, it apparently holds its charge for nearly 8 hours — which will make it a very capable complement to the phone. I’m looking forward to it.

One question: does anyone know of an adapter that will let me use the adapter on a traditional landline? I have an AT&T speakerphone that has a headset jack — seems to me that an adapter that would talk to the Bluetooth headset and plugin to the landline would be a nice addition, and would make the headset that much more useful.

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