Hyde just wants some dignity

From an observer at the dedication of the Hyde Atrium at Midwestern University earlier comes this gem from Henry Hyde: “When I first entered Congress I wanted to change the world, now I want to be able to walk out of the room with dignity.”

Come on folks, give Henry the dignity he obviously wants. Let him retire. Chip in a few bucks for Christine Cegelis.

(BTW – Rumor has it he’s accepted a debate invite.)

3 responses to “Hyde just wants some dignity”

  1. Instead of asking Liberals to use their hard earned money by donating it to a politician like Christine Cegelis, why not use that money to fix the problems you expect Cegelis to fix?Instead of spending your money on politicians you could use your money and time to give back to American Citizens. Visit a college campus and see what students want out of their education and see if you can help them land a job.I donno.. Countless ways to help. Sitting back and waiting for the Government to cure homeless, jobless people is a no win situation.It takes YOU and ME to fix society's problems… Not the government. YOU and ME can devote our lives to helping one person and accomplish much more than any politician will ever do.Sigh.. I keep ignorning that your liberal:-).

  2. By the way.. I am not a hypocrite here.I am already offering help to students or making plans to take a trip to EMU and seeing if I can help in anyway.I just landed a great job in this great economy that President Bush has created by giving us our money back. It's all about individuality not groupism. As individuals we can do anything. As a group, we can not because there's too many chefs to make a good meal.

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