Eau de Keyes

Want to “own a part of American history”? This may not be what you had in mind, but how many people can really claim to own an Alan Keyes sweat-soaked napkin?

(On second thought, I’d really prefer not to know the answer to that question.)

Update: Mat just pointed out that the item is in Naperville. For the record, I did not list this item.

2 responses to “Eau de Keyes”

  1. Bid Now!I knew Ebay would make a comeback after the collapse of the Beanie Baby market. And here it is, via Rick Klau: Own a part of American history; own the napkin containing sweat from Ambassador Alan Keyes' forehead, immediately following…

  2. Proft And Pascoe Will Do Anything for a BuckC'mon guys, the following points to the unofficial spokesperson: This sale is on behalf of an individual Alan Keyes supporter but not affiliated directly with the Keyes' campaign. 😉 Via Rick…

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