Blogger, ATOM and FeedBurner

I just got a heads-up that UserLand is beta-testing Atom 0.3 support for the Radio/Manila aggregator. This is a huge deal, because there are quite a few RNC feeds that are from Blogger sites, and they only have Atom feeds, and the authors don’t understand why we can’t process them. Now, hopefully, we can. [ Scripting News ]

While strictly speaking Dave is right (Blogger does only provide ATOM feeds from its sites), it’s not really a big deal. FeedBurner’s SmartFeed will convert your Blogger ATOM feed into any flavor of RSS that you want. So Blogger users would be well served to sign up for a free FeedBurner account, and point to their FeedBurner feed instead of their ATOM feed. ATOM readers will handle the switch fine, but it will also expose the feed to countless other aggregators that may not support ATOM.

FeedBurner has a lot of other cool tricks which I’ll be documenting in the next couple days.

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