Bill O’Reilly on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Wow. Kudos to Bill O’Reilly for condemning the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth (ahem) ad:

“I believe Jim Rassmann when he says that Kerry saved his life by pulling him out of a Vietnam river while under fire. Rassmann is a former Green Beret, a former police officer and a long time registered Republican until earlier this year. If he says John Kerry is a hero, nobody should doubt it. Rassmann has earned the right to be trusted and insulting his testimony is way out of line…

“It is absolutely wrong for Americans to condemn Kerry’s war record because he demonstrated provable valor. However, those who distrust him do deserve to be heard although facts not emotion should be demanded.

“I think the Swift Boat political advertisement calling Kerry a charlatan is in poor taste, and if this kind of thing continues it might well backfire on the Kerry haters. Most Americans are fair minded, and bitter personal attacks do not go down well with folks who are not driven by partisanship.” Via Salon. [ Pandagon ]

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  1. BLOGSPAMMER ID: Swift Boat Veterans For Truthi tried to give the swift boat veterans a fair shake here. i really did. i wrote about them back in june, before they were a huge media event. i left the comments open and i even welcomed anyone with…

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