And then there were two…

Looks like the Illinois GOP has narrowed it down to two choices to face Barack Obama: Alan Keyes or former Deputy Drug Cczar Dr. Andrea Grubb-Barthwell. They’ll announce tomorrow.

So-Called Austin Mayor had a great suggestion, but it looks like the GOP will pass.

Update: Josh Marshall has some thoughts on the two choices.

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  1. Wow, a total of 83…out of 250 million+. I applaud your initiative as a voice of the people, but here's a clue…. the real petition will be on November 2 and it's called an election.btw, what does this “I hate Bush” petition have to do with Obama and the IL race? (sorry to stay on topic)

  2. Yo Sam,I'd hate to burst your bubble but elections are set up for people to 'VOTE IN' a candidate. Not for people to 'VOTE OUT' a candidate. Sure.. You hate Bush… Woop die do. Where's your love for Kerry? Same goes for Barrack Obama. Should Alan Keyes become nominated then people need to determine which one of the two people is worth voting in. Not which one of the two is worth voting out.I still stand by my belief that 'Hatred' doesn't win elections. I thought Bob Dole proved that point.

  3. A Republican mailing list I subscribe to asks: “Who will be the next Senator from Illinois, Alan Keyes or Obama Barack”?

  4. Sean -That's hysterical. Of course, Al Sharpton got it wrong too (he also referred to Barack as “Obama Barack”) at the DNC.Is it really that hard?

  5. Libertarian Jerry Kohn is also on the ballot, AND has lived in Illinois his entire life. Kohn isn't apoligizing for his comrades voting for the Iraq War and Patriot Act either.

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