Who’s it gonna be?

Tons of rumors flying that Gephardt’s a lock, and plenty of responses, with Kos weighing in with a somewhat surprising defense of Gep.

Personally? The thought of Gephardt as VP leaves me seriously underwhelmed. (I’ll be equally underwhelmed if Wonkette’s right and it’s Graham, but then at least we’d have quite the campaign blog to look forward to.) So perhaps it’s wishful thinking that I’m predicting that tomorrow’s announcement will be out of left field. Much has been made of the fact that Kerry’s had face to face meetings with Gephardt, Vilsack, and Edwards in the past week, and that they’ll all be with him tomorrow.

I think those three are the nucleus of his cabinet. I think the VP nominee is a name we haven’t seen talked about in the press much. Maybe Bill Bradley?

We’ll know in less than 12 hours…

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  2. Kerry VP RaceA lot of people are saying that Gephardt is going to be Kerry's Vice Presidential pick. I don't claim any special insight into Kerry's mind, but why? I don't know if I buy what I take to be the main…

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