The biggest hack ever

Was listening to WBBM tonight while heading over the gas station to fill up the minivan in anticipation of our drive out east (me for the convention, Robin and the kids for family visits). They reported on the Acxiom hack, and the woman reporting the story gravely intoned, “It’s believed to be the largest hack of customer data ever, more than 6 billion bytes. But company officials believe no customer data was misused.”

In other words, WBBM claims that a hack less than half the size of the current iPods is the largest hack ever?

In this article which TechDirt points to, they provide a bit more detail: it’s actually 8.2 gigs of data, which a Florida businessman allegedly accessed 139 times.

“It may be the biggest cyber-crime ever prosecuted and investigated,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sandra Cherry said during a news conference at the U.S. Attorney’s Little Rock office.

Call me old-fashioned, but wouldn’t RTM’s or Kevin Mitnick’s cases rank higher than one guy accessing 8 gigs of data? I mean, RTM took down the Net., fer crissakes. Think maybe Assistant US Attorney Cherry is, say, exaggerating a bit?

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