In Boston…

Attended the 11am Democratic GAIN training session with Joe Trippi. I took a ton of notes (long-hand; go figure) and will get them on the blog as soon as I can (meeting Mat Gross, Atrios and Matt Stoller for lunch in a sec, and yes, I’m name-dropping). But I will share the end of the session: Joe was talking about how last night, the bookends of his presidential career were on stage on the same night: Ted Kennedy, talking on some of the same things that inspired Joe to help Ted out in 1979. And Howard Dean, who pulled Joe out of political retirement to lead a most improbable run for the White House.

Joe got choked up as he said, “And it’s coming full circle. The 22 year-olds, who Howard inspired…” his voice trailed off, he wiped tears from his face.

The crowd (about 75 people, mostly delegates and campaign staff from various campaigns around the country) rose, as one, in a standing ovation.

It was one of the most incredible, unscripted, and sincere moments I’ve witnessed since getting involved in the Dean campaign. Truly special.

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