Barack Obama Keynote Address

The speech rocked. Is there any question that Barack is a future president? The Obama site is collapsing under the traffic – 335 hits per second. Some instant reactions:

  • Pandagon: “He entered this a star, he’s leaving a Clinton.”
  • Kos: “Brilliant. Awesome.”
  • DNC Kicking Ass blog: “One of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard.”
  • The Left Coaster: Quoting David Brooks, “It was like watching Tiger Woods play golf.” To which TLC replies, “A double eagle – using only his putter.”
  • Jason Gallo: “Barack Obama is a force to be reckoned with.”

More later. Here’s hoping the crushing traffic lets up a bit so people can start leaving comments. (And we’d even set the blog up with Akamai to handle the expected spike…)

10 responses to “Barack Obama Keynote Address”

  1. Barack Obama the guy who refuses to be called a 'liberal' even though he most certainly proved that in Boston. Cynical as hell and completely ignoring the fact that we had to spend 2 months pleasing the liberals before we invaded Afghanistan Post 9/11, and 8+ months pleasing the Liberals before we invaded Iraq.No… Instead he says we treated war as a 'First Option.' Since when!? The day America treats war as a first option I will jump for joy off the tallest building. America is the history of isolationist, peacenicking, before we get our act together and fight the evil. *sigh* in Short Barrack Obama's speech was nothing special. Just more pessimism.

  2. How many people must die before Barrack Obama will act? 1,000 deaths? 10,000 deaths? How many people died in Iraq during the 8 years Clinton never invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power?How many of our soldiers died during Clinton's 8 years that didn't trigger a war on terrorism? How many must die, do you think, for John Kerry to take any decisive military action? How many must die for YOU to take action? 50,000?It's a fair question. A question no liberal wants to answer.

  3. Hey ITIL!I guess that's why the Gas Prices are so high over this summer then huh? roflmao!We don't send our Volunteer Troops out there about OIL. We sent them out there because Saddam Hussein holds a relationship with Osama Bin Laden's Al Queda and Al Queda attacked on Sept. 11th, 2001.While there is no direct involvement to 9/11 and Saddam, circumstantial evidence DOES suggest an indirect involvement. An officer of the Fedayeen troops (that terroized the Iraqi people for years), is a member of Al Queda and attended a meeting that concerned 9/11.Furthermore.. ATTA-AL ANI Connection can be made as the Czech Intelligence still stands by what they saw.

  4. When will liberals start caring about the protection of the American People rather than coming up with 'Conspiracy Theories' to justify NOT protecting us?

  5. Saddam Hussein funds Palestinian Terrorists, Shoots at our Airplanes (thus defying UN Ceasefire Sanctions), shoots down one of our Drones, Befriends Bin Laden's Al Queda, Trains Terrorists in a Salman Pak, Harbors a dozen artillery shells of Sarin or Mustard Gas, builds illegal Missiles that travel beyond UN Sanction limits…Saddam prevents the UN Inspectors from interviewing Scientists outside of Iraq and without Military Prescence, Has 3 mysterious trucks heading into Syria, is the only Arab to 'Enjoy' 9/11 Tragedy, considered Osama Bin Laden to be the man of the year, harbored for a decade YASSIN who was a terrorist bomber of World Trade Center 1993,And an assortment of evil! Starves his people, kills his people, tortures his own people, and GASSSES his own people….Does all of this! And we still have Liberals call this war a war for oil? Give me a breaK!

  6. Hey Jeff, last time I checked the Palestinians weren't fighting Americans. Last I checked it was our airplanes violating Iraq's airspace, not the other way around, and it isn't a violation of UN sanctions to shoot at them as the UN never authorized the no fly zones. Who gives a crap about an unmanned drone, according to the 9-11 commission Saddam had NO links to Al Queda, didn't train any Al Queda terrorists, had a few useless chemical munitions left over from the Iran-Iraq war, and his missles were no threat at all to the US. So what if he wouldn't let UN inspectors interview scientists outside of Iraq, that's the UN's problem not the US's. Three trucks is hardly going to carry an entire weapons arsenal so that is pretty worthless, who cares if he enjoyed 9-11, or considered Bin Laden man of the year, that doesn't show you anything other than the fact that Saddam doesn't like the US, which is pretty obvious to anyone with a brain larger than a grape. We didn't go to war for the poor Iraqi people. We didn't seem to worried about them during the Iran-Iraq war did we? So far the only thing you got on him is that he let Yassin live in Iraq. Hardly anything to start a war over. When you can actually come up with some good solid reasons we should have invaded go ahead and try, but these arguments are weak at best, non-existant at worst.

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