Who said that?

Who said this, about which former President?

The years [did] a lot to clarify the strengths of this man. As a candidate for any office, [he] showed incredible energy and great personal appeal. As chief executive, he showed … a great compassion for people in need, and the forward-looking spirit the Americans like in a President. [He] could always see a better day ahead — and Americans knew he was working hard to bring that day closer.

Over eight years, it was clear that [he] loved the job of the presidency. He filled this house with energy and joy. He’s a man of enthusiasm and warmth, who could make a compelling case and effectively advance the causes that drew him to public service. …

People in [his] life have always expected him to succeed — and, more than that, they wanted him to succeed. And meeting those expectations took more than charm and intellect — it took hard work and drive and determination and optimism.

4 responses to “Who said that?”

  1. Being on the West coast, I got to see the presentation live on CNN this am before I started working. Was really impressed by what he said. Perhaps death of President Regan last week reminded us all that it is possible for politicians to disagree without being disagreeable. I am sure stories of Tip O'Neil and Reagain that we heard over and again last week were not lost on Bush.In addition Bush had very favorable comments about Hillary and her taking on the challenge of becoming a US Senator. Ened it by saying she was only sitting senator to have their picture hanging in The White House.

  2. I find it more likely that it's very much a ploy on Bush's part. Once the nomination is officially given to Kerry at the convention, I assume that Clinton may go out to campaign for him. At that point, when Clinton starts (very rightfully) attacking the Bush administration on the issues, George can do the whole “look what a martyr I am!” act about it, since he was so nice to Clinton.

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