Photoblogging with Movable Type?

Anyone aware of an easy way to add a photoblog to Movable Type? My new cell phone arrives tomorrow, it’s got a camera built in. I’d like to experiment with setting up a family blog that will have the ability to take pictures and have them uploaded to the blog automatically. I know there are services out there (TextAmerica and Mobog), but I wanted to know if there was anything that ran on top of MT…

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  1. hi rick:i know this is not exactly what you are lookikng for but Ecto for Windows should allow easy upload of photos (albeit one at a time) to MT

  2. Roland – you're right, I'm really looking for something that will allow me to post directly from my phone. So I take my picture, and once the photo is sent, it's posted to my blog.This looks interesting – a third-party service that'll post to your blog after receiving an e-mail (which I think my phone can send)…

  3. Joi's moblog script (called mail2blog) is available on his website. It uses XMLRPC to post the images, so you don't have to have your mailserver on the same system as the blog. I am contemplating it for my weblog (which uses Drupal but, too, speaks XMLRPC)

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