Easy come, easy go

You may recall that my wife and I were hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama this evening, and that Barack would be stopping by. What many forget is that in addition to being a candidate for Senate, Barack is also a state senator — and thanks to Governor Blagojevich’s call for yet another special session we received a call this morning that Barack would be unavailable after all, as his senate responsibilities require him to be present for the session.

So we are rescheduling the event, hopefully in the next few weeks. We had 100 people register for the event, so we’re eager to welcome Barack to DuPage County and show him our support. If you’re interested in attending the rescheduled event, let me know.

3 responses to “Easy come, easy go”

  1. Too bad Gov. Blagozo keeps doing this so you can't have Obama over. Seriously, this special session stuff is stupid at this point from a governor who acording toHouse Speaker Michael Madigan has a poor command of facts, which the speaker said leads the governor to keep backtracking on commitments.

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