Cheney coming to town

Interesting. The conventional wisdom (most recently presented in Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball) is that Illinois will almost certainly elect Barack Obama as our next Senator. I’m helping the campaign out, and certainly hope he gets elected.

But apparently the Republicans haven’t gotten the memo that Barack’s a shoo-in: last month Bill Frist was in town, and tomorrow, Dick Cheney is showing up to raise money for Barack’s opponent, Jack Ryan.

I’m no Dick Cheney (ha!), but here’s a news flash for you: my wife and I are hosting a fundraiser for Barack on June 27th, at our home in Naperville. Barack will be there, and it should be a lot of fun. (If you weren’t fortunate enough to sample my wife’s cooking at one of our Dean fundraisers last year, I assure you her hors d’oeuvres are worth the price of admission alone.)

More details coming shortly…

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  1. Obama Fundraiser At Klau's in NapervilleRick and Robin Klau, a couple written up in the Daily Herald for their home cooking skills at house party fundraisers (Martha eat your heart out) are hosting a house party for Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama. Among other…

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