Wikis entering the mainstream

Great coverage today for Socialtext, which was profiled in the newest issue of Business Week:

To capitalize on the opportunity, startups such as Socialtext Inc. are selling wiki software…Like open-source software, wikis may make their biggest mark less as a business than as a potent force for change — in this case, in the way people work.

Nowhere is that potential more apparent than in today’s far-flung, time-pressed corporate teams. Aaron Burcell, director of marketing for e-mail software startup Stata Laboratories Inc., says working on a wiki has cut the daily phone calls he made on a raft of projects to one a week. It also has allowed Stata to outsource more work, such as engineering, to India. Says Burcell: “I could justify the cost of the wiki just from the lower teleconferencing bills.”

Wikis may find their way into more public use. Adam Hertz, vice-president for technology strategy at Eastman Kodak Co.‘s (EK ) online photo unit, Ofoto, is mulling their potential outside corporate walls: Shutterbugs could use them to let relatives and friends contribute stories about photos in their collections. Before long, we may all be hopping a ride on a wiki.

And Kos just announced the dKosopedia, an open collaborative wiki that the community edits. (Think of this as the political junkie equivalent of Wikipedia.)

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  1. RickI'm intrigued by this idea. Kos seems to be doing one over in his space for progressives. I think that we're possibly going after a different audience….What are your thoughts on other political wikis? How do we start? Do we go thru Social text?You are way smarter on this stuff than I am, so I kinda defer to you….

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