When CEOs blog

I’m thoroughly enjoying the Red Herring Spring conference. I’ve often been the guy expected to pitch my company’s story (more on that later) — and the opportunity to watch dozens of companies pitch themselves is like a peek through the looking glass.

And I’m also enjoying the experiment of setting up 100 conversations for the Red Herring 100; while usage isn’t heavy (not as many wifi-enabled laptops in use here, more Blackberries) it is being used. And Mitch and I are doing what we can to blog as much as possible. (Mitch does a much better job than I do.)

In any event, Marc Canter and Reid Hoffman have picked up the FOAF argument in the conference Eventspace, with an honest-to-God debate.

This isn’t new (in fact, Marc has admitted he asks Reid about this every chance he gets) — but it’s nevertheless exciting to see these conversations taking place.

I love it.

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