There’s more to the Da Vinci Code?

Hey AKMA — what do you make of this?

Turns out Dan Brown left out the most controversial part of The Da Vinci Code was that Jesus may have survived the crucifixion? Whoa.

(Brown claims he has plenty of supporting theories as to how this may have been, but ultimately decided it would have been too sensational for the book.)

Wonder if we’ll see an “author’s cut” of the book at some point, similar to Stephen King’s unedited The Stand that came out a decade after the original?

2 responses to “There’s more to the Da Vinci Code?”

  1. The sad part is, these theories have been around as long as there’ve been observers who doubted what Christians claim.I don’t have a problem with dubious observers, though; what drives me crazy is the chowderheads who pretend to have discovered the Real Truth that the Church (that notoriously well-organized, univocal institution) has suppressed, when instead all they’ve done is attain a sophomore-level acquaintance with what any decent Religion Department already teaches, only Religion Departments — even the most jejunely doctrinaire ones — do it better.

  2. Just What I NeededRick, among an eager flock of my other friends, and spouse, hastened to alert me to Dan Brown’s intimation that he has more pop-folly revelations to offer in a sequel to The da Vinci Code. Brown said the theory is backed by a number of “very cred…

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