Stick it to Bush

Well, opportunity knocked, then kept walking. Some of you may recall when Kos asked for bumper sticker slogans for the Bush/Cheney reelection effort last summer (lesson learned for Kos: never host your comments on an external site, lest they be lost forever). I responded in the comments, and my slogan (“Compassionate Colonialism”) made the top 15 or so. These slogans made it into an e-mail chain that got circulated widely.

Then late last year, Kos dropped me an e-mail to confirm that the slogan was in fact my submission. I replied that it was (though as it turns out I’m witty but not necessarily original — there are other instances of the phrase “Compassionate Colonialism” that predate mine), and was surprised to find out that it would be included in an upcoming bumper sticker book, Stick it to Bush.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. They ended up going with 10, not 15, and I missed the cut. Ah well. Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in any event. Pick up your copy today!

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  1. Aw geeze are you that upset that your Communist Regime does not have any power over the House of Representatives, Senate, Executive Branch, most Governorships, most position of authority in the Military, e.t.c. e.t.c. e.t.c.On the Optimistic up and up you still own most of the Judiciary Branch. And as we all know the Judges especially the 9th circus court love to play 'DICTATOR' to steam roll through LIBERALIZED insanity such as Campaign Finance Reform / 1st Amendment Repealment.A nifty strategy to the say the least:-) If you can't win with VOTES from the 'People' then you ignore the legislative branch and get what you want through the judges.

  2. Jeff M … I've been reading through many of your comments and I wonder why you waste your time here. Wouldn't you have more fun on a fascist Web site? Seriously, I don't understand … I've seen your multiple posts against government handouts, which floor me … every product you use and own that's produced by a corporation is subsidized by the government. The meat and dairy industry are so heavily subsidized that a hamburger would cost $25 without it. What about public schools? Libraries? Highways? Are all of those things socialist, communist, whatever, too? It's rather hypocritical of you to fling accusations — even against women you've never met, your potential dating partners — at people who might be down on their luck THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN and then, presumably, be living the fruitful life you're lucky enough to lead BECAUSE OF corporate welfare. Unless, of course, I'm wrong and you grow all of your own food, make all of your own clothing, run your diesel car on vegetable oil, homeschool your children, refrain from using the public library/post office/park district/etc., and generally eschew all other things which are funded by the government in any way. It's nice and easy to point fingers and call people hyperbolic names — I suggest you find out what communists really stand for, and check your premises at the door — under the veil of the Internet, where people can't always easily respond. But that doesn't mean you're correct, and (based on what I've seen of your comments), it doesn't mean you have a clue. AmyPS — For an interesting article see

  3. You are obviously very confused about what a Government Handout is. That term usually refers to 'New Deal Legislation.'Something such as a Hamburger that is 'subsidized' by the Government does not mean then that I can not 'eat' anything for fear of buying something from the Government.The meat is produced by a human being, who gets payed by the owner, at your favorite restaurant, and so when I buy a hamburger I am helping to fund that company as well as that employee. Therefore, I am becoming a 'decent person' in society. A handout means there's no 'giving back' to the government what the government gives you. Corporations pay taxes to the Government and therefore give back some of the subsidized money. P.S. I am not commenting in an uncivil manner am I? I don't do that. I simply comment. I have my own Web Blog (American Optimist). Feel free to comment on my blog if you wish.

  4. One last thing for 'claritys' sake.That 'Park' is funded by our 'tax dollars' and it can be used by those people funding it.WELFARE is a system where somebody else is benefitting off my money!The 'Public School' is funded by our 'tax dollars' that educates OUR children. So this doesn't qualify as a handout.I could easily write up a good definition of 'handout' for you Amy. This isn't the place to do it. But simply because part of the money to create that Hamburger is from Government Subsidy does not = Handout. Why not? Because that money is being used to further our 'Capitalist' society which feeds everyone who works in it. People give back to the government 'Property Taxes' and other taxes in exchange for the Subsidized Money. There is no 'Handout' in this at all.It's simple…

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