New season of Coupling (the good one)

Watching BBC America this morning, we saw a promo for Season 4 of Coupling.

It looks like there’s a new Jeff? Can’t wait for the new episodes.

Share your predictions about what will happen in Season 4 here.

2 responses to “New season of Coupling (the good one)”

  1. Hey? Why is that girl kissing that strange man? And why are they calling him Ed? Isn't that confusing? 2 Eds? Oh! They've replaced the actor between seasons! And the new one looks nothing like the old one!You can relax though, this is BBC, not ITV, they have plot excuses for replacing actors. Jeff is not being played by a new actor – although there are new characters – and the (giving nothing away here) lesbian spank inferno makes a come back.I keep missing episodes of season 4 (argh), but it is very very good.

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