Congrats to Christine Cegelis

Congrats are in order for Christine Cegelis, who today was endorsed by Governor Dean as part of the “Dean Dozen” program. Every other week, Dean identifies a dozen candidates around the country who represent the progressive, grassroots values championed by his campaign. An endorsement is likely to mean greater national exposure for Christine (she’s running against Henry Hyde!), more contributions, and a larger volunteer base. I first met Christine at our house in December, when she came as an invited guest to our final fundraiser for Governor Dean. Just five months later, she’s emerging as a real threat to Henry Hyde.

I’ve helped the campaign get its sea-legs, so to speak — the home page is maintained in Movable Type, as is the campaign weblog. Eventually the entire site will be maintained in Movable Type — that’ll just make maintenance easier for the campaign staff, who aren’t techies.

Send Christine a few bucks, or volunteer.

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