You’re fired

Tami Silicio, who took the photographs of the flag-draped coffins of U.S. soldiers that The Seattle Times published on Sunday, has been let go from her job, along with her husband. [Mathew Gross]

This is the offending photo:

Photo by Tami Silicio

I understand the firing — there was a policy in place, and she violated that policy. I don’t disagree with the firing, I disagree with the policy.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I too disagree with the policy and thought the defense department sounded foolish when they said such photos were a disservice to our troops and dishonored those who have died in battle.I am in Seattle and when I opened the paper on the driveway a couple days ago I was really struck by the photo. My reaction was this was a very nice way to honor our fallen war heroes who are giving their lives to give freedom to others and keeping us safe. That was the intent of the Times and I think many had the same feelings as I. Though I agree with much of what the defense department is doing, I think they are really out of touch on this one.By the way, the fact that the photographer got fired resulted in the photo reappearing on the front page of today's paper.- Kevin

  2. What's the problem? This is a policy emplaced back during the Clinton administration to safeguard the rights of family members regarding the return of remains from the Balkans. These people knew the policy and chose to ignore it. If I hired someone to work for me and explained what the company policies were – and they chose to ignore them – I'd fire them for those violations. This is how it works in the real world – choices – you choose to work – you choose what it's worth to you to keep your job. Wise up.

  3. Bob -Like I said: I don't disagree with the firing (like you pointed out, she knew the rules before taking the picture). I disagree with the policy itself.–Rick

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