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In the comments to an unrelated post, Jeff is dying to know why I want people to give to Kerry’s campaign, even though I “have not shown any support for John Kerry.”

Let me clarify: I support the Democratic nominee for President. That man is John Kerry. Not all that difficult to parse, actually.

I worked extraordinarily hard to get Howard Dean the nomination. Dean lost (badly) to Kerry, so Kerry’s now the one my party will present to challenge President Bush in November. Just so that there’s no confusion:

Given the choice between an arrogant foreign policy and one that engages our counterparts around the globe, an economic policy that mortgages our future and one that makes hard decisions today about where to spend money, a domestic policy that discriminates against Americans and one that accords all citizens equal protection under the law, an anti-intellectual scientific policy with one that understands that politics and science should not mix — given all those choices, there’s only one candidate in the race who I support: John Kerry.

Was he my first choice during the primaries? No. Is he my candidate now? No question.

As for “banning” Jeff, I never suggested anything of the sort. My e-mail to him read:

Jeff —

With your permission, I’d like to delete the comment. Not because I want to censor anything, but because it’s unrelated to the post in question.

Let me know.

Will I be focusing as much of my attention on this blog on John Kerry as I did on Howard Dean? Most certainly not. There are others who are far more passionate about Senator Kerry’s campaign than I am — and I would expect you to read their stuff.

Just so there’s no confusion whatsoever: I don’t delete or edit topical comments, nor have I banned anyone from posting comments. I ask that comments stay on topic so that there’s some semblance of coherence to the site. Beyond that, it’s your name attached to the comment, not mine.

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  1. I don't see your point here because based on my research what John Kerry wants is exactly what is happening with President Bush.Gay Marriage? Bush, I believe, is aiming to put the legal opportunities under a Civil Union. This provides equal protection under the law.As for the rest? I could go through all the rest and prove that President Bush actually is the candidate you would support, rather than John Kerry who plans to 'Mortgage our Children's Future' through Medicare and Education Spending that far exceeds what Bush is doing.In fact. John Kerry is simply wanting to increase the deficit spending but unlike Bush he wants to do it on the backs of Hard Working Americans and he wants to increase spending far more than President Bush.

  2. I did some quick research about your complaints that President Bush is attacking Science.Shouldn't Condom Use be taught in Junior High like it already is? I mean get real? What you are complaining about is that the Republicans in Power are taking away money to fund Grant Research about Sexual Behavior and Sexual Health.Which that all boils down to, “Shouldn't Condom Use and Abstinence be taught in Junior High instead of College?” What more research needs to be done? What more do we need to know? Why should my Tax Money fund this?

  3. Huh? What are you blathering about this time. Try a little harder with your research. You'll come up with the following areas that the Bush administration has cut, attempted to cut, or has interfered in:Environment (Arctic drilling, global warming, greenhouse gases, wetlands)Public Health (breast cancer, lead poisoning, drinking water)Biotech: (stem cell)But to you this all boils down to condoms?

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