Like a bull in a… Pottery Barn?

This made me laugh…

Responding to Colin Powell’s use of the phrase “The Pottery Barn Rule”to refer to the rule “You break it, you own it,” Williams-Sonoma, parent of Pottery Barn, has issued a press release stating that its policy is in fact to write-down breakage. I’m serious.

Update: It has been brought to my attention that the State Department, showing more concern for the breakables in Pottery Barn than the US Government did for the breakables in the Iraqi National Museum, actually issued a statement yesterday indicating that it did not intend to cast aspersions on the Pottery Barn mark. [The Trademark Blog]

5 responses to “Like a bull in a… Pottery Barn?”

  1. Wow people are really really desperate to find something to attack the Bush Administration on.But nothing is as bad as John Kerry not voting for the 87 Billion for our troops, our superheroes. John Kerry does not care about Health Benefits for our troops. He doesn't care about body armor for our troops. He doesn't care about ammunition for our troops.The only think John Kerry can do is run around with his head cut off talking about “Our Coalition of 80 some nations is leaving America 'Almost Alone'”This coming from the guy who called our Coalition Forces the 'Coalition of the Bribed.'John Kerry is a complete giggilo, mental case. Four More Years of Bush!

  2. The body armor and armored Humvees should have been provided by the Bush crowd before they went into Iraq. They never placed the orders for the stuff. They ran out of water and food and ammo. Not voting for it was easy when nobody is paying for it. Just put in on the tab. 8o nations of troops that make up a total of 2 Brigades.

  3. “The body armor and armored Humvees should have been provided by the Bush crowd before they went into Iraq. They never placed the orders for the stuff.”So now its a 'Too Slow' argument? That the best ya got? really? sheesh. At least President Bush proposed the 87 Billion and fought for it.John Kerry fought against it. He would have 'Cancelled' the order you are asking President Bush to place ahead of the Iraqi War.President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld have said, if I am not mistaken, that he leaves the Generals to decide what they are in lack of and they ask for things. When they ask for something, the administration gives it to them. Did the Generals ever ask for the Armored Humvees and Body Armor before the Iraqi War? Prove that they have indeed asked for it and then you have something to complain about. I'll give you 1 month to find proof. Fair enough?

  4. “8o nations of troops that make up a total of 2 Brigades.”It's not 80 nations of troops although many nations have provided hundreds if not thousands of troops. Look at Australia, Spain(which recently left), Brittain, e.t.c. Thousands of troops.The other nations have provided other tasks and money to the Iraqi War.If you compare the coalition TODAY with any American Coalition of forces in our history. Hands down, this one was far bigger.

  5. The first Gulf War had nations from the Mid-East. and that is what this conflict needs. Their were far more troops from other countries than this mess. Do you know the government still has not sent a purchase order to the Humvee conversion to armor? The Bushees and not paying the bills because they don't want the burn rate to be known. Heard a interview with the vendor saying they are working 24/7 to get these units done and they have not received any payment. The money is all tied up with tax cuts to the rich. This conflict is just like Vietnam. Guys getting blownup along the road. Shot out of their seats by snipers. I can't say we did not have it coming because a lot of what Kerry says did go on. We shot up a lot of farm land and a lot of ears were collected. I saw a lot of what he talked about in 1971.

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