Journalism is dead…

OK — here’s a little game. Without Googling, without searching through your aggregator, go ahead and try and guess who this article is about:

Her jacket hung loosely and the skirt was long — reaching to the mid-calf as always — and without any fetching details. Her lapels were two uninterrupted plains. … Notice the neckline of the jacket — open, unadorned, practically crying out for a scarf, a strand of pearls, some tasteful Redbook kind of accessory. … All of that nothingness speaks of refusal. She will not pretty things up with a few beads.

On her jacket, there were no seams to emphasize her waistline or bosom.

Feel free to leave your guess in the comments, or just go see for yourself. From The Washington &$!%$@ Post. Sheesh.

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  1. umm… look at what section of the paper that's > Style > FashionIsn't the article right on topic? Now, I didn't actually read the article, but I'm assuming it mostly talks about what Reno was wearing, being written by a fashion critic. And I actually think that's kind of cool that a fashion critic would take on a topic like that.. maybe I'm wrong.

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