It’s gotta be… the towels?

I wrote the other night about Mark Cuban’s post on success and motivation. Interestingly, his post was titled “Part 1.” Tonight he followed up with part 2, and shows that his business strategy can be summed up in one word:


That’s right, towels. (If you don’t see the connection, read part 2 again, then read this article from Chris Suellentrop from 2002.)

Way back when, Mars Blackman tried to tell us that “it’s gotta to be the shoes!”

Apparently, Mars was wrong.

One response to “It’s gotta be… the towels?”

  1. I use the 'Me, myself, and I' business startegy. I plan on getting into producing software, writing books, and other ventures.The only brick wall to my current plan is actually getting around to producing a product rather than starting up another one. I do not have a company name nor do I have any legal documents or registration forms filled out. In today's economy, self-publishing, SHOULD reign supreme. Publishing Companies are the thing of the past. I've seen many great businesses start out self-publishing their one and only product to great success. Then they grow a “GREED EGO” and seek a publisher. Problem with publishers is that they can hold you by the 'balls' and destroy your entire business based on how well the publishing company is doing at the time.Customers don't want to deal with a publishing company as much as they prefer dealing with YOU the 'creator' of the product. This, by itself, gives you a great reason for producing a product, and then marketing it out yourself.Self-reliance publishing costs lots of money from the ground up but at the same time you can influence and draw up the guidelines for how much money you'll spend based on how much profit you expect.Publishers are not reliable entities. Successful, professional, muscians sometimes go through recording publishers like water when they are in between albums.I appreciate Mars Blackman's article because it is yet more proof, for me, that my own personal business strategy can succeed. Get knowledgeable enough about anything and to almost everyone you will be a wonderful salesperson, no matter what you are selling.

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