iPod Update

A couple weeks back, I wrote about my iPod’s unceremonious death. I’m a huge fan of the iPod, so I was dreading losing it.

Thanks to a commenter who recommended stopping in an Apple store, I swung by the Apple store in Oak Brook, and less than 5 minutes later had a replacement iPod, free of charge.


Now I just need to pick up a few accessories I’ve had my eye on for a while: the iTrip (for broadcasting the iPod to any FM radio — I’ve currently got a battery-powered equivalent which chews through batteries and isn’t too good) and the Monster Cable for iPod to connect to my home stereo.

One response to “iPod Update”

  1. The iTrip is a waste of money. There is always some static or loss of signal between the device and the FM radio, even when the iTrip is placed close to the radio.

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