Even in DuPage…

Well, it’s a secret no longer: today’s Chicago Tribune reports that Democrats are narrowing the gap in DuPage County. (I live in Naperville, the population center in DuPage.) Speaking about the Democratic party’s strong showing in last month’s primary, the Trib says:

[It was] an undeniably strong showing in a place often dubbed the most Republican county in the country.

What does the Republican party think?

“Rather sobering” and “a wakeup call” were the words used by DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom. “The Republican Party has some definite work to do in this county,” he said.

Driving this trend: the population is trending younger and more transient. These people tend not to be politically active, but as evidenced by the polling reports, are voting more progressive than DuPage has voted in the past. Also significant: women make up the majority of voters in the county.

The good news? We have a real candidate for county-wide office: Rob Freedman. Rob had a great fundraiser last night that I wish I could’ve attended. Help Rob out — contribute to his campaign and help him become the county’s next clerk of the county court.

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