April Foolery

Erik Heels has launched Parody Law as an archive of his favorite April Fools jokes, and will be documenting the many fake news items of the day. He also includes a recap of our many collaborations on this fine day from the past eight years.

A piece of trivia: when we put out the Visa buys the Internet press release, we distributed it on Internet Wire (appears to be dufunct now), a company chosen in part because they had no prohibitions on distributing fake news. (Apparently we weren’t the only ones to notice this. Perhaps that’s why Internet Wire appears to be kaput.)

That year, our fake press release was the most read press release of all of Internet Wire’s releases. They even gave us an award which today sits on Erik’s desk at home.

One response to “April Foolery”

  1. I'd like for him to put a web cam on the award and then give me access so I have the motivation to VNC into his computer and make use of my soon-to-be-acquired “VNC Power” (which, of course, I will only use for good and never for evil.Hold, on for a sec, I'm checking my 'version dependencies,' which is something I'm told I should do a couple of times a day.

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